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Available Worldwide

Directed by Jon Silver

Written by Grant Troyer
Produced by Jake Prine, Sug Shin, Grant Troyer

Starring Mike Jimerson, Isabella Alonso, Joey Walsh


TALK Global Media is pleased to present this timely comedy about "cancel culture" that brings a unique perspective to its' storytelling.  


Mark Twain wakes up in modern day Chicago and helps a struggling bartender named Charley handle her troublemaking nephew, overcome her political cancellation, and find the confidence to pursue her dreams of stand-up comedy.  Sometimes you just need Mark Twain.

Trailer Coming Soon!

Twain Cancelled.jpg

Isabella Alonso stars as Charley whose trying to deal with the fallout of being "cancelled".


Mike Jimerson stars as Mark Twain, the fish out of water in the moder city of Chicago.

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