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Adventure, LGBTQ+ 

World Premiere Wicked Queer Film Festival

Written, Produced & Directed by Jordan Tragash

Cast:  Tuxford Turner, Noah Lash, Kiyumi Daniel, Kalil Sims, Brandwon Wright, Tip Savarath

TALK Global Media presents BAM!  As the lives of five broke twenty-something gig economy workers intersect in Chicago, they learn the value of friendship, love, and community in a capitalist world.

                             TRAILER COMING!

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Director's Statement
At the heart of BAM! is its characters, stumbling their way through being young and broke in a bustling city. Despite the adversity they encounter, and the mistakes they make, they come to realize that any challenge can be faced head on, as long as you have good people at your side to help you through it. That is why BAM! is a world I want to live in, and one I know audiences will want to live in too.

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