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Supernatural, Possession, Horror

North American Digital & DVD Release 7/2022 

Edited & Directed by D.M. Cunningham

Cast:  Peter Tell, Haley Heslip, Sherryl Despres


TALK Global Media and the writer/director of the Lionsgate's recent release of THE SPORE, comes a tale of possession by the possessed. On a routine call, Deputy Fisher (Peter Tell "The Spore", is tasked with watching over the body of a recently deceased woman.  As curiosity gets the better of him, he accidently conjures a strange and sinister force.  He's now forced to face his own demons with terrifying consequences. 

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Selected as "one of the FIVE Horror Films to stream this Summer" - New York Times

"the film does a good job of messing with your mind” – Voices From the Balcony

“… if you’re looking for something new that shows a filmmaker willing to try blending new ideas with old techniques, I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to rent!” –


Haley Heslip as Winters and Peter Tell as Deputy Fisher

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