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Super Natural, Horror


North American Release Uncork'd

Release date NLT Q2 2022

Edited & Directed by D.M. Cunningham

Written by D.M. Cunningham, Peter Tell
Produced by D.M. Cunningham, Keith Golinski, Brian Hillard

Cast:  Peter Tell, Haley Heslip


From the writer/director of the soon to be released

THE SPORE, comes a tale of possession by the possessed. 

For nine vacant years, Deputy James Fisher (Peter Tell “The Spore”) has wrestled with the loss of his wife and only daughter, struggling to find color in a world gone grey.  During a routine call he is tasked with keeping watch over the body of a recently deceased woman until her family can arrive and claim her.


Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, he inadvertently concludes an unfinished ritual.  The conjuring now complete, strange and sinister forces begin to target him.  Using his own mind as a weapon, James is banished to a maze of torment.  As his past is unearthed, he’s forced to face his own demons with terrifying consequences.

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Director statement:

The goal for 3 DEMONS is to create a horror film that is terrifying and aesthetically pleasing. A film that keeps you thinking once you leave the darkness of a theater. Did he or didn’t he? What does it mean? All while keeping the film - at its core - a freakishly scary creature movie that sends the chills up your spine. The movie that makes you check inside the closet before you go to bed.

To me, 3 DEMONS is a mix of dread inducing art house horror like The Evil Dead, The Witch, Let The Right One In, and The Beyond.

Maw, Bearth, and Grins.
Rising from the earth and crossing over from other realms.
They are mud and blood. Bone and branch.
Spawned from the darkest deep pits.
Nightmares incarnate.