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World Premiere @ GrimmFest 2021 - Official Selection

North American Release:  Lionsgate, November 2021. #TheSporeMovie

Written, Edited and Directed by D.M. Cunningham

Cast:  Jeanie Jefferies (Dawn of the Dead), Haley Helsip, Peter Tell, Jackson Ezinga, Jovonnah Nicholson, Justin Golinsky

Fleeing from civilization as a horrific plague ravages mankind, Meadow [Nicholson] gets a lift from a stranger. When she sees that the driver is gruesomely infected, Meadow escapes and takes refuge in a cabin that’s abandoned…or is it? The apocalypse started days earlier when an evil spore, long dormant beneath an ancient ice field, was awakened by global warming. Now, as 10 strangers try to evade the madness, some must succumb to the hideously mutating fungus and claim the survivors as their bitter prey.

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 International Poster

Voices From the Balcony: 
"The Spore boasts some incredible effects. "
"If you’re a fan of eco-horror, apocalypse films, and stories that explore the human condition, then you should seek out D. M. Cunningham’s The Spore."


Lionsgate Trailer for North America

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International Trailer

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North American Poster - Lionsgate 

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