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TALK is your indie project partner.

TALK is Terese Ann Linden Kohn


TALK Global Media was formed in the Fall of 2017, bringing global relationships and expertise together in the distribution marketplace.


TALK has a golden reputation with years of indie entertainment expertise in licensing content rights for feature film, television and digital media, as well as navigating all aspects of film marketing and promotion.  TALK ushers projects through development and production, concept and design through media placement and release, making TALK a valuable asset to your project and team of creators.


Previous companies TALK helped grow:  W2 Media, Peace Arch Entertainment, MarVista Entertainment, American World Pictures and Artist View Entertainment.  Working with these companies, TALK maximized television sales revenue from a 3,000 hour library including episodic television series, animation, premiere TV movies and feature films,  and oversaw sales of another 70 title feature film catalogue from its creation.   Secured over 25 million in bankable pre-sales for the film financing of in-house productions and also Associate Produced five premiere cable films.  


Having expertise in launching and executive managing the day-to-day operations of new startups, TALK strategizes with management on their company’s feature film projects, acquisitions and libraries including content produced for Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Lifetime, ABC Family and The SyFy Channel, to mention a few.

TALK has been a constant at all major film and television markets/festivals around the world for years and has traveled extensively to foster direct Distributor and Broadcaster relationships increasing sales revenue as a result while maintaining excellent studio, mini-major, distributor, broadcaster, and digital platform relationships, both domestically and internationally.



TALK sells direct to buyers around the world EVERYDAY.
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