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Catalogue Titles



Comedy/2002  - Available Worldwide

Directed by Christopher Fink

Written and Produced by Christopher Fink, Joseph Craig

Cast:  Eddie McClintock, Sarah Wynter, Alexandra Adj and Josh Holloway

TALK Global Media presents MOVING AUGUST. 

Josh Holloway (“Yellowstone", "Lost”) co-stars in his first feature film as Loren Carol, a hunky gym dude who helps his friends move because of his love for lifting things.  Meanwhile August (Eddie McClintock “Warehouse 13”), the photographer who is moving out to live with his girlfriend, meets the stunning girl moving in (Alexandra Adi “American Pie”) and falls in love with her at first sight. Love can be a moving experience.

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Netflix, Showtime, UpTv 

Written & Directed by Evan Oppenheimer

Produced by Michael Mailer

Cast:  Ralph Macchio, Janeane Garofalo, F. Murray Abraham, Oona Laurence, Olympia Dukakis

TALK Global Media presents A LITTLE GAME.  A young girl finds her way around New York City and her own life through the chess lessons given by a wise elder (F. Murray Abraham) opening her to the clues about her life and the options that surround her everyday. 

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Directed by Christopher R. Watson

Written by Daniel Frisch

Produced by Daniel FrischPhilip WaleyRyan Westheimer

Cast:  David James Elliott, Grayson Russell, Noah Munck, Max Burkholder, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ed Quinn, Julie Ann Emery

TALK Global Media presents RAINBOW TRIBE. Morgan Roberts (Elliott), a middle aged adult in crisis, reunites with his best friend when he returns to the summer camp of his youth. His troubles seem to magnify when he is joined by a rag-tag group of 10 year old campers. Through their struggles they collectively overcome their personal problems and exchange them for one of the best summers of their lives.

RainbowTribe poster.jpg



Directed by Ben Waller

Cast:  Jonathan Trent, Robert Miano

TALK Global Media presents FASHION VICTIM.  Based on the true story from the headlines of Andrew Cunanan, the aging gay hustler who killed fashion icon Gianni Versace. An emotionally unstable party boy who was growing too old for the nightclub scene, Cunanan (Jonathon Trent) fell into petty theft and drug dealing before embarking on a brutal killing spree that began in late April of 1997.

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