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Sci Fi, Comedy

Showtime Channel Premiere

North American Digital & DVD Release with Gravitas Ventures

Written & Directed by Rob Schulbaum

                                     (“Family Guy”)  

Cast:  Jesse Rosen (“The Art of Being Straight”), 

          Anna Rizzo (“Lost in Bloom”), 

          Sean Carmichael (“Trinity”), 

          Derek K. Moore (“Ghostbusters”),

          Erin Rose

TALK Global Media presents THE WRONG TODD.  Resistant to change, Todd (Jesse Rosen) finds himself at a crossroads when his girlfriend Lucy (Anna Rizzo) is offered a promotion on the other side of the country. Before he can decide whether to stay or go, Todd’s evil twin from a parallel universe arrives to take his place, and Todd must face the prospect of a world without Lucy. With the reluctant help of Lucy’s brother, Dave (Sean Carmichael), Lucy and Todd must confront the barriers to their relationship, their perception of self, and the laws of the universe itself to distinguish the wrong Todd from the right one.

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