Horror Comedy

In Development 

Writer/Director:  D.M.  Cunningham


Brian Hilliard, D.M. Cunningham, Terese Linden Kohn

Producers:  Brian Hilliard, D. M. Cunningham,

Terese Linden Kohn

Based on the critically acclaimed festival hit short film "There's One Inside the House," the feature dives in the origins of Ben (aka Maverick) and his journey to becoming a monster hunter.  A young Ben was tormented by seeing monsters around the same time his father vanished.  Those experiences stayed with him his whole life.  Now, a high school science teacher, Ben continues to search for the monsters that keep him up at night in the hopes of finally proving they exist to everyone who believes he's just a bit crazy.  With the help of one of his students, Ben confronts the monsters from his past in a hilarious blood-soaked adventure.  

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