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Wine/Millennial/Comedy - New Zealand

North American Digital & Home Video Release 7/2022

Written and Directed by Casey Zilbert

Produced by Steve Barr, Chris Wilson, Lynne Wilson,

Casey Zilbert 

Cast:  Hayden J. Weal, Nick Davies, Gemma Easton-Knight, Steve Barr, Katrina George

Three 20-something friends get some much-needed hang time when a cancelled wedding sees them spend a long weekend together on a beautiful vineyard… with all the wine intended for the wedding … the runaway bride’s crazy uncle ... and a beautiful young woman bringing a little sexual healing to the jilted groom.

But it’s not all fun, sun and drinking games. There are bigger issues bubbling beneath the banter – workaholic Harry is ignoring a badly broken heart, self-styled fitness guru Ants is hiding some big baby news, and reformed party girl Jess can’t decide if she should accept a life changing job opportunity.

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What does the title Hang Time mean? It’s a new world wine term for the length of a vine’s growing season; the longer the grapes hang on the vine before harvest, the greater depth of flavor in the final wine. This also applies to our three heroes, who each need a little more time on the vine.


Director’s quote:   “Hoping to touch the lives of others, I made a comedy to get the men in my world, in my country, to talk to each other.  If we don’t start talking about it, if we don’t create a space for people to share themselves with each other unashamedly, we are dooming ourselves as a species.”

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