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4 Brands -- 83 Titles & growing!

TALK Global Media has partnered with Dream Machine Animation to offer 100s of hours of animated content including movies, sing-alongs and educational series for kids of all-ages. Dream Machine’s’ recent release Fishtales 3 was called

“a delightful, educational and entertaining film,” by And the educational-adventure film Penguin Rescue was awarded the Dove Seal for All Ages with saying “It is a feast for the eyes and food for the brain!” 

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Animation Brands

Dream Machine Animation provides feature length animated films for kids of all ages with a focus on the 0-8 age market. The company has a fast growing library of new releases, Pondemonium, Kung Fu Masters, Oh Deer It’s Christmas, Easterland to name a few. The recent hit, Zoo Wars (a Star Wars parody film) was released in theaters by AMC and already has spawned the sequel Zoo Wars 2: Enter the Zooverse, coming in February 2019 through Gravitas Ventures in the US.


Brainy Pants provides educational content full of fun, adventure and surprises for kids of all ages. The label’s recently released title, Pup Scouts is currently available on DVD, Cable VOD and other platforms through Gravitas ventures. The label plans to release a slew of new titles in 2019 including the upcoming Space Explorers, Planes with Brains and Penguin Rescue which was called, "a feast for the eyes and food for the brain!” by the ratings organization and awarded Dove’s seal of approval for all ages.


Toe Jamz provides sing-along and dance-along animated movies for kids of all ages. The labels focuses on holiday related content with a focus on the 0-8 kids market. Recent releases include A Frozen Christmas 3 which was hailed by as, "the ultimate wintertime playlist for kids or even those with a soft spot for Christmas cheer!"


Little Starlights provides christian-themed movies for kids of all ages. Spreading the joy and knowledge of the Bible and Jesus the label makes it fun for kids to enjoy classic stories with moral values. The upcoming release of Bible Bees has the christian review site hailing, "Awesome story after awesome story about the Holy creator above.”


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